Chaos Creeps

Episode 0: Introductions

The adventure begins

The road goes on down the hill, through Brightwood, and continues timidly through the mighty forest. After three weeks of bone-rattling travel through the Marrow Passes, a semblance of civilization at last!

Once inside the Brightwood, Niimaa wanders off through the dusty streets with her dog, seemingly aimlessly. Denise, craving something sweet, goes off looking for a pastry chef. Her search brings her to a wealthier district with larger, stone houses and paved streets.

(and here doth my patience end. Bullets henceforth)
  • Niimaa steals cake while Denise distracts chef
  • Sir Habsburg is accosted by nervous administrator
  • Brought to the garrison, to dine with Governor-general Keller; Keller tries to impress lord von Braun (FAIL!)
  • Habsburg is given passphrase and orders from agent of the Magistrate posing as a servant
    • bandits accosting road into the woods; peculiar MO, only common thread: the Valdalusian nose
  • during dinner, Niimaa, and denise attack the feast with gusto; the lords discuss politics with Keller, who blasts them with exposition
  • von Braun gets Habsburg to test his wind-up stun mine in return for testing a sleeping potion
  • introduces rest of party to quest the following morning



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