After the Great War, things were never quite the same.

It was subtle at first. Travellers were expected to entertain with tales of grisly adventure, not tales of sore buttocks and frozen toes.

But the tales grew macabre, telling of nameless horrors and walking nightmares.

Chaos is slowly taking over the land, subtly corrupting it. Outside the bastions of civilization, the world has become a dark, twisted place.

Food is growing scarce as crops fail. The increased perils of travel has caused overland trade to plummet. This increases self-reliance as well as driving the cost of imported items up.

For most people, life goes on inside increasingly fortified villages and towns. The larger cities and frontier settlements feel the food shortage the hardest, as they are too big to be self-sufficient. The food shortage and reduction in trade strains international relationships, as countries desperately try to fix their own problems before worrying about others.

While the nations of Maera bicker amongst themselvs, the taint of corruption has the Magistrate worried.

Chaos Creeps

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